Model Rockets Safety Tips

It is immensely important to be safe at all times when handling dangerous materials, rockets and anything that can cause serious damage. Don’t overestimate yourself and don’t make assumptions. You are not fate’s favorite and not everything you do will be free from mistakes and errors.

Make sure you think about safety first and rockets second.



  1. Check your ego at the door. You and me, we are human beings prone to errors and our own stupidity. Don’t underestimate the danger
  2. Make sure you wear protective glasses, good waterproof and slip-resistant footwear
  3. Make sure that your launch site is suitable for launching model rockets. Assess your surroundings. Make sure that everything is safe. I always make sure that I am outdoors and use clear launching site big enough for my rocket launching needs
  4. Use quality materials – I prefer lightweight and non-metal parts for the main parts of my rockets
  5. Engines – use only certified and commercially made motors. Don’t play engineer and don’t tamper with the engine you bought
  6. Use safe electrical ignition system
  7. Avoiding misfires. If the rocket does not launch after the button is pressed, I will disconnect the battery and keep clear for at least a minute before I try a second attempt or I approach the rocket
  8. Use countdown to launch and keep safety distance of at least 15 feet for smaller engines and 30 feet for larger engines
  9. Propellant weight and rocket size. I will not use rockets heavier than 53 ounces and will not carry more than 4.4. oz of propellant
  10. No launching at targets, clouds or other airplanes
  11. Safe return of the rocket. I use recovery system that allows my rocket to return undamaged and that it can be flown again. Such recovery systems are steamers or parachutes
  12. Safe during recovery. If by any change my rocket launches on power lines, very tall trees or any other dangerous places, I will never consider to recover it.


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